Sometimes there are questions that need to be answered. Here are some answers!

Are these items 100% handmade? Yes, from start to finish. These items are handmade in Winnipeg, MB. 

Are these products dishwasher safe? Yes, these pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. Although these items are quite durable, please always handle with care. 

What if a product I am looking for is out of stock? If an item is out of stock, there is a good chance that I am already working on making more. Please email teeganwalkerceramics@gmail.com if you want to inquire about a timeframe. 

Do you still offer custom made orders? We are always welcoming custom orders. Please email teeganwalkerceramics@gmail.com or use our "contact us" menu to get the ball rolling.

When will a product be back in stock? It depends what it is. Due to the nature of creating handmade goods and the lengthy steps in creating these products, sometimes it typically takes a couple weeks. This being said, it may take upward of a month+ for an item, or grouping of items to be back in stock. Keep in mind, I also have to take pictures of these products for you to look at. 

I am looking for something with a certain colour that I do not see on the website, what should I do? You can always contact us and we can try to work within your guidelines. Typically we stick to our style but can sometimes make a colour request work for the both of us. 

Where do you ship to? We ship Canada-wide right now. If you are an international customer, please contact us for additional information.