Let me introduce myself. My name is Teegan Walker and I am a ceramic artist born in Gimli, MB. While growing up I always had the drive to create and work on refining my artistic skills. It was when I was 13 that I found my first passion, the saxophone. I practiced and practiced to make senior jazz band and quickly rose through the ranks. The art of improvisation was what most intrigued me; creating something from scratch within a given structure. Upon graduation I decided to pursue my passion in creativity and enrol in music performance at Brandon University (It was there that I first got my hands in some mud).

I stumbled across clay when I went to enrol in an elective class. After enrolling, whenever I wasn’t in the practice room refining my skills on the saxophone I found myself in the ceramics studio. For a few weeks this new media felt entirely foreign yet very intriguing and although I found myself gravitating towards the visual arts, I found a very clear link between music and art that harvested both skills. While at BU I studied with Lin Xu taking courses in hand building, sculpture, and wheel throwing. I took course after course and began to grow a passion for the art and creativity involved in ceramics, specifically creating tableware on the potters wheel.

The process of creating functional work in a collection of pieces to enhance and compliment each other fascinates me. In my work I intend to reflect the appreciation for traditional techniques and ideals but stretch to contemporary ideas regarding form and function that reflect my own values. I draw my influences from architecture, music, landscape and everyday living while maintaining a cohesive style that reflects the use of line, symmetry and minimalism. The focus of my work is form and function.  

My work has been exhibited at the 2016 Interlake Juried Art Show, 2016 Manitoba Rural and Northern Juried Art Show and The Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba. I am a proud recipient of the Marilyn Levitt Award for Functional Ceramics in 2018 and am an active member at The Stoneware Gallery.

I now reside in Winnipeg, MB and work in ceramics full time. While I do have a full job selling pottery supplies at The Sounding Stone, I find time to create work to fulfill my own drive to create. Thank you for stopping by.