Artistic Statement

I believe that handmade ceramics have an important place in history and in our daily lives. Each piece has persevered through a lengthy and rigorous set of processes before landing a spot on the table. This relates directly to the maker, and the set of processes that he or she must pursue on a day-to-day basis. The piece, once completed, embodies energy in direct relation to the maker. My goal is to create works that embody the energy, craftsmanship, focus and attention to detail that has gone into them, with consistent and intentional results. My work is inspired by simplicity and beauty with an over arching sense of community and continuity. My design is led by ideas of architecture, music, landscape, process, and the freedom of line to express itself literally. Through trial and error, I learn what forms and finishes stay true to my ideals and values. Through this I hope to involve the audience in a deeper connection to the process, patience and self-expression that has intentionally brought it to existence.